Green Witch Yoga

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A flowing fusion of yoga and pilates with meditation. The positions (asanas) are specifically aimed at women wanting to tone, strengthen and streamline the body. Yoga asanas naturally flow into core stability building exercises so that muscles are relaxed, lengthened, strengthened providing the body with more tone and structure. Muscles will be defined, the waist will be whittled, centimetres may be lost from hips, thighs and arms and cellulite reduced. The tummy will be flattened and the silhouette streamlined. Some positions will also raise the heart rate and increase metabolism. The sequences vary slightly each week to ensure the mind and body are being challenged. The asanas are Hatha Yoga focussed with some Kundalini techniques included. The chakras are balanced and sometimes essential oils, crystals and abundance cards are used to help create a healing atmosphere.  It is a body and mind workout creating a sense of well-being. 

Life is a beautiful journey